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Cupcake mix 10kg

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Funcakes 10kg Cupcake Mix is your ultimate ally for deliciously moist, easy-to-make cupcakes. Ready to use, this top-quality mix lets you make perfect cupcakes in no time. Carefully selected ingredients guarantee a light texture and delicious taste in every bite. Customize your cupcakes with creative toppings and mouth-watering icings for unique creations. This economical format is ideal for professional bakers, restaurants and events. Unleash your culinary creativity with Funcakes Cupcake Mix and enjoy sweet treats to share!

Genoise Deluxe 10kg


Contains: 10.00 kg (€5.59 / kg)

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With this sponge mix, you'll be able to create professional-quality cakes worthy of the finest patisseries. Each bag contains 10 kg of product, giving you enough preparation for several cakes.