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PME Established 1956 England


Now in its seventh decade, the SME has long prided itself on being the UK's leading designer, manufacturer and pioneer of cake decorating and patisserie products.

Founded in 1956 in London, PME (Precision Machining Engineers) has provided a multitude of engineering solutions over the years for a number of industry verticals - medical, dental, automotive - and even cigar cutters for Harrod's! But it was through an unorthodox route - the military (UK Catering Corps) - that PME entered the cake decorating arena, with a request for over 2,000 stainless steel royal icing rulers - a much-loved product that we still sell today! - And so the journey into cake decorating began.

PME Geometric Brick Cutter Cake
PME Ice Cream Cake
PME Natural Candy Buttons Donuts

decorating cakes is our business!

PME was quick to identify a gap in the cake decorating market for high-quality, well-designed and uniquely manufactured products, and quickly set about establishing itself as an industry pioneer, producing a range of original and innovative lines that trade and end-users instinctively (and affectionately!) associate with PME: seamless icing tubes, modelling tools, the iconic tilting turntable, piston cutters and crimpers. And we didn't stop there.

Today, our range includes almost 2,500 lines of food and non-food products - from basics to consumables, from holidays to seasons, from sugar pastes to sprinkles. There's bound to be something in the PME range you're looking for! With four manufacturing and distribution centers strategically located around the world (UK, USA, Hong Kong, South Africa), PME successfully combines global reach with an ideal position to serve business customers locally.

PME Geometric Diamond Multi Cutter Cake
PME Palette Knife Coating Cake
PME Mirror Card Cake
PME Geometric Scale Multi Cutter

Today, PME's basic tools and equipment are staples for most professional cake decorators, and are used more than ever by novice amateurs worldwide. In recent years, PME has launched a whole range of products that beginners will find simple, easy and fun to use!

Our senior team of in-house PME experts collectively have almost 200 years' experience in cake decorating. So you're in the best possible hands for good advice, after-sales support and training. Our marketing program for retailers running cake decorating courses extends to over 35 countries, and thousands of students receive the PME Professional Diploma every year.

Design. Innovation. Engineering. Quality. Key words that PME has lived and breathed for almost seventy years, and thanks to a whole new generation of customers in over 80 countries around the world, we're looking forward to the next seventy years!

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